Good nutrition has been a fundamental component of growing up in our family for as long as I can remember, right along with practicing our p & q’s.  Thanks to our mother, our meals included all the food groups, color and variety every day.  Our father used his knowledge and early experience in the restaurant business for the proper cooking and presentation of appetizing dishes.  He further looked after us by insisting that we brush our teeth after meals, before bed and before leaving our house for any outing.  Not only was he protecting our teeth (he was a dentist), but he was protecting our health by expecting a clean mouth.  There was no other choice!

As my brother, sister and I grew up, wholesome foods were an easy and natural choice.  This is not to say that we never ate Doritos or Ho-ho’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Oh, we did!  But we didn’t have them all the time.  Our family sat down to dinner together every night and enjoyed a healthy dose of conversation along with the nutritious fare.  Our parents instilled in us a taste for good foods that prevails today in our children.  For that, I thank them!

I have always loved vegetables, so I don’t understand how some people don’t care for them.  My son and daughter prefer them raw in salads or with dips, but they’ll eat them crisp-tender in cooked dishes or soups.  As it turns out, nutrients are preserved with less cooking, so they were gravitating toward healthy without realizing it!  We have been blessed with good health, so I can’t help but suspect good nutrition and good genes had something to do with that.

Below are links to information on fruits and vegetables, and ways to prepare them.  Studies suggest that we eat at least 4 1/2 cups of produce daily, including dark leafy greens, as well as deep yellow, orange or red.  Another link has information on 5 spices that further promote good health and well-being while adding exciting flavors to your plate.  So arm yourself with wholesome and tasty foods.  You just may ward off heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers or digestive tract disorders!


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