Home healthcare can be better and eCaring.com has just proven it.  On December 7th, 2011, the New York company launched its new home healthcare management and monitoring system, which “enables home care recipients to live at home longer, with better quality of care, at lower cost.”  Caregivers, medical staff, family and everyone involved with a caree’s home health can now enter observations and activities into a real time online system, which can be accessed by all parties in order to stay abreast of his or her current condition.  Using technology to monitor health status and events, not only could a care recipient possibly remain at home longer, but patterns could be detected by doctors and given the attention needed in order to nip a potential problem in the bud.

eCaring.com‘s system is made up of icons that can be clicked to document daily living activities, behaviors, medications taken, outings or any incidents which require immediate attention.  Alerts can be set up to be notified of falls, for example, so proper care can be administered promptly.  While this system is aimed at the caregiving team, an elderly loved one can also use it to stay on top of his or her agenda.  Keeping the family informed, a senior loved one can remain independent at home longer without feeling isolated or concerned about getting help if the need arises.

Different components of this digital web based system allow the caregiver and medical staff to enter and share valuable information about the care recipient.  CareTracker records observations and information on daily activities, like eating, grooming, behaviors, taking medications or refusing to take them.  CareJournal collects entries in any of 10 categories, such as “Mental State” or “Vital Signs.”  You can filter them by topic or you can see all of them at once displayed in daily, weekly or monthly time periods.  CarePortrait shows a caree’s normal activities and conditions.  This enables doctors to detect patterns and deviations that could develop into something bigger in the future, and take care of potential problems sooner.  Lastly, CareAlerts notify all concerned by text or email about any incidents that require immediate attention, such as a fall.  In the future, Payroll Module will be in place to track hours worked by paid home health care agents.  Together, all parts provide a comprehensive picture of a caree’s activities, condition and care for family and medical professionals to monitor.

Knowing that this innovative health care system can more efficiently manage a loved one’s home caregiving, eCaring’s CEO Robert M. Herzog says, “We want people to enjoy the benefits of using eCaring.”  To facilitate this, eCaring is discounting its fee by 75% to $20 a month for 200 families.  People can sign up at:

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Explore the links below to learn about this new state-of-the-art web based monitoring system.  It may be what your loved one needs to stay safely at home!


eCaring Develops Breakthrough Home Health Care Management System