My daughter turns 17 today!  Happy Birthday!

What a sweet age!  It’s hard to believe that the tiny bundle of joy that blessed our home one chilly morning some years ago is now a young lady standing at the threshold of her own future!  She has been a wonderful daughter and a loyal friend to her peers.  As parents, we admire her strength to stand up for her beliefs, her resilience for dealing with unpleasant realities, and her ability to reason, which keeps her from leaping into things without thinking.  We are so proud!

For such an important birthday – in my book, every birthday is an important birthday! – we’ll want to come up with an appropriate way to commemorate getting closer to adulthood.  Doors are about to open for her to explore new paths, to choose among them which one will take her where she wants to go.  We will celebrate her talents, her passions, her principles and pray that they guide her to fulfillment through accomplishments and service.

In the same manner, each one of us can feel proud of our own deeds, of our kindness and friendship as we reach out to others.  Especially as caregivers, we often place others ahead of us out of love, respect or compassion.  Remember to put yourself back into the picture, as you also need to be cared for!

So on my daughter’s birthday, I celebrate you, too!  I hope that on your birthday you take stock of what you do well and that you will practice on yourself that same love, respect and kindness that you bring to others daily.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Song

Happy Birthday