it’s good to see people working!  I find a certain satisfaction when I see seniors engaged in their tasks at supermarkets, stores, theaters, offices, pharmacies and other places.  I’m glad that their employer has the sensibility and open-mindedness to hire someone based on ability and not on age.  Likewise, I wave an inner flag of triumph when I see an employee wheeling around a shop in a wheelchair.  I hope this means that more business owners are matching the skills of applicants to the job requirements, rather than dismissing those who appear that they may have difficulty working.

In The Fight to Work, L. Vance Taylor recounts the story of his ascent to a successful businessman as a Partner and part-owner of Catalyst Partners, LLC.  His experience, however, was less than smooth.  He had to prove to potential employers that he possessed the necessary skills to do the job for which he applied despite his mobility impairment.  Dispelling their preconceived notion that such disability would not allow him to “crunch financial figures, sell stocks or manage portfolios” was a challenge that many persons with physical impairments cannot always overcome.  But with a master degree, hard work and determination, he moved forward to create an impressive career of which anyone, disabled or not, would be proud!

Likewise, Attorney General for Texas Greg Abbott has led a successful career protecting children, family and values.  He oversees a team of over 700 lawyers who represent the State of Texas and has been actively involved in organizations for the betterment of the community.  This, again, despite his partial paralysis.

I see more seniors and more persons with disabilities working today.  I salute them for moving past their hurdles to achieve greater independence!  I also salute their employers, who choose to recognize & to utilize skills of all generations to serve their customers and their community.   I hope that we, as a society, agree!


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