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Lynn - caring for husband at home and mother long-distance

Lynn - hoping to help caregivers manage care

About the author


My name is Lynn Greenblatt and I am a caregiver.  I must admit that despite having no previous training or qualifications, I got the job nonetheless…like many caregivers today.  It was a totally new experience for me, but one at which I intended to excel.  Not knowing what to expect, I set out on this uncharted course with the determination to make things work.

Doctors, my husband’s employer’s Human Resources Department, Social Security, COBRA and Medicare have provided guidance along the way with phone calls or letters.  Like a trained circus elephant, I obediently followed their instructions and submitted lots of filled-out forms by the required deadlines.  I had inadvertently taken on the jobs of personal assistant, chauffeur, representative, event coordinator, negotiator and research assistant to boot!

I have learned so much about caregiving, insurance and the health industry.  Mostly, though, I have learned to appreciate family and friends more, to put things in perspective, and to not take things for granted.  When long days take the wind out of my sails, I remind myself to be grateful – for I tire because I am able.  My husband is not so lucky.

I wanted to share my findings with you and other family caregivers, hoping to bring some reassurance that you can do this important job – and do it well!  I hope your caregiving journey is a smooth one.  Remember that you have lots of company!