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Amy Ohm, founder of TreatmentDiaries, graciously accepted my invitation to contribute today’s post.

Please visit TreatmentDiaries to begin your personal journal and to find support from persons who understand what you are going through as a caregiver, patient, family member or friend.  They understand because they have walked a mile in your shoes!  There is strength in unity, the saying goes.  Here, you stand with many who share experiences like yours, share insights and lessons, and lend an ear and shoulder to lean on.

Treatment Diaries has been nominated to be one of the top 200 Leading Moms in Business.  You can visit her website and vote for her at the link below:

2012 StartUp Nation Leading Moms Competition

“TreatmentDiaries was inspired by our founder’s personal journey with a cancer diagnosis. She is a mother, survivor, wife and dedicated advocate for those navigating an illness. Her commitment to helping others has a global impact with users in 130 countries, over 40,000 diaries and upwards of 1,400 conditions.”

Many thanks to Amy & good luck!



From: Treatment Diaries

by Amy Ohm


Caring for a loved one can lead to resentment, depression and exhaustion.  Sharing your stresses with those around you can be helpful at first, but sympathy for your experiences can only be understood by those on a similar journey.  The need to vent and connect is vital to your well-being.  To privately share your anger, experience and need for compassion can be accomplished through anonymity and diaries. provides this empowering experience and powerful and caring connections are made every day!


Diary of a Caregiver:

“I’ve lost my career. I’ve got permanent WIWAS (Will I ever Work Again Syndrome) It’s really got me down today. Sure I think about working. I have help with mom a few hours a day; I should be able to do something. But when actually thinking about being among (young) people, thinking about if I still have the skills, thinking about why anyone would want to hire me, I break out in hives. I’m a pretty good caregiver, bobbing and weaving my way through bureaucracies, tracking down answers to questions with dogged determination, tackling confusing paperwork, keeping it all straight, trying to get what I can for my mom, with appointments, keeping her happy, well fed, and somewhat on track. My husband says I’ve given up. I think maybe he’s right. I’m too old. I’m not available for the hours and the focus needed for full time work. I haven’t been polishing my skills, resume or portfolio. I should feel good about the caregiving and the work of getting to this point with mom. Just 2 years ago we were in a desperate place with her. She was delusional and having paranoid episodes. Now she lives with us, and is much better. We didn’t know that it could change for the better. But then the feeling of not bringing in any money, living off of our future – leaves me feeling frozen and unable to move. And yet I get so very tired of complaining….” Jenn****



Support from a User:

“Some days I feel so exhausted too and I just want to run away… Yet I love my husband and want to give him the best care I can… His Alzheimer’s is now in the moderate stage and he seems to be in a decline… Every day a new menu of problems … It’s so hard to predict anything, each day can be different. But the fact that you are able to take care of your Mom is wonderful. Think of some fun things to do with her to break up your day. I like to take my husband to this restaurant where we can sit next to a large window and watch people on the other side. He comments about every man, woman, child, dog… I can only imagine if they were on the inside, it might not be so cool. It’s so good to get out. I was venting when I said I want to run away, but I know you can relate. Make sure you do something for yourself to keep your sanity whether it comes in the form of a job or a hobby – either is good. I was getting depressed until I made a little time for me. The complete focus on something other than caregiving has allowed me to feel good about myself for the first time in a while. Good luck. Keep writing. This helps too. This is a great place…” Ti**




Support from those who understand…a place to call your own and to share without fear. wants to make things a little easier in navigating a caregiving experience by giving you a forum to share, read and relate to those just like you!  Your diary…Shared healing!



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In my search for news and updates regarding caregiving and related topics, I came across a website for Social Security news and announcements.  It is an official SSA website, not a blog or 3rd party site.  I have come across those, too, but I like to get the facts from the source and then formulate my own opinion.

From this website, you can get information on the regular Social Security topics such as Retirement, Disability, Survivors, SSI, Medicare or Business Services.