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Medication Management: taking meds safely


This section provides links that can help with medication management.  Keeping pills organized, clearly labeled, visible and accessible can ensure safe administration by reducing the possibility of mixups.  In some instances, a patient needs to take 10, 20 or more pills a day, so organization is imperative.  It is very important that medications be taken at the right times and in the right combination, making sure that one doesn’t interfere with the effectiveness of another or that they don't create an adverse drug interaction.  Your doctor, health professional or pharmacist can tell you which medications may be taken together and which ones must be taken separately.  It is also important to know which medications may be taken with food, which ones need to be taken on an empty stomach, and whether certain foods need to be avoided while taking them.

Your doctor or health care professional must know about ALL of the medications being taken, including over the counter medications!  We keep a list of medications, dose, prescribing doctor and date started in our computer.  We keep it up to date, print it and take a copy to every appointment.  It saves you having to remember it all and the nurses really appreciate it!

We found that pill boxes in various sizes work very well for keeping medications organized.  They also serve as a reminder that medications need to be taken.  If you don’t find the exact type of box that you need in the pharmacy, you can look in sewing or storage departments or stores.  I got a medium-sized plastic box with a clear hinged top in the beading section of a local store.  We added names of medicines, shape & color, quantity and time to be taken into the little compartments.  You decide whatever makes it easy for you to make sure all medications are taken correctly.

Medication management can be simplified by following the suggestions in the links below or asking your healthcare professional any questions you may have regarding the medications or drug interactions with other meds being taken.  You will also find information on overdoses, tips to remember to take medication, and drug databases to learn about what the medications do.

Scroll down the list below and click on REMEMBER IT NOW to find some pill boxes.  You can also click on PRODUCTS on the MENU to the left, then click on PILLBOXES to find more.

Checklists, Fact sheets & more  -  NATIONAL COUNCIL ON AGING

Chronic Pain Medication Understanding & Management  -  HEALTHCENTRAL.COM


DRUGS AND MEDICATIONS  - Information on identification & interaction

DRUGS DATABASE, PURPOSE, DOSAGES, PRODUCTS AND MEDICAL PROCEDURES - US Food and Drug Administration's Database on Approved Drugs

Finding the Therapeutic Window  -  WELLSPHERE.COM

HEALTHCARE RESOURCES, Rx DISCOUNTS - SCPHARMACIST - medical resources, Rx savings tips


Medication Management & Vision Loss, Safely Identify & Organize Medications  -  AFB SENIOR SITE

Medication Management: Let your Pharmacist custom package your meds - MEDICINE-ON-TIME [Find a participating pharmacy near you at SORT MY MEDS]

Medication Management: DISPILL-USA - Medications packaging system for home

Medication Management: Overdose, Disaster Planning, Interactions, Keeping Track... - TODAY’S CAREGIVER

Medication Management Tips  -  KROGER.COM

Medication Management Tips, Medication Memory, Vacations & more  -  BODYANDHEALTH.CANADA.COM

Managing Parkinson’s Medications  -  ABOUT.COM

Medication Management for Seniors & Caregivers  -  INTERPRET.CO.ZA

Reminders to take medications on time  -  ON TIME RX.COM

Tips for Taking Medication  -  EXTENSION.ORG

Tools to remember & manage your medications  -  REMEMBER IT NOW.COM

Top 10 Dangerous Drug Interactions in Long-Term Care

We all have the choice to sink or to swim.  Choose to swim!

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