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This section brings you technology that can make your caregiving job easier.  Devices and software exist that put practical & pertinent information at your fingertips round the clock anywhere you go.  From alarm clocks, fitness, workouts, calorie counters, medical calculators, iPharmacy, relaxation & stress reducers to self-help quotes, heart fitness, vision test, medical resources, iFirst Aid & symptom checkers, you are bound to find something useful among the dozens of applications [apps] for your iPhone 3, iPhone 4 or your iPad2.

The Android tablets & Motorola's Xoom are also growing in popularity, & have their own sets of apps.

To help care recipients remain as independent, in touch & as comfortable as possible, high tech companies have also devised inventive solutions that enable them to communicate with others, access computers to work or to learn, & to perform routine tasks that have become too challenging.  Visit Assistive Technology to see what is available now.

Go ahead!  Explore!  See how High Tech can make things easier for you!



Please visit PRODUCTS within this website's DIRECTORY to see more technology at work.






We all have the choice to sink or to swim.  Choose to swim!

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