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Assistive Technology enables vision, hearing, speech, mobility


This section brings you the incredible!  High-tech companies below have invented devices that can be used by persons with diseases or disabilities to communicate & to perform other tasks that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible.  Creativity, combined with technology and the desire to help persons with vision, hearing, speech or mobility impairments, has resulted in products that restore some of the independence and capabilities lost due to the condition.  Some of these include eye-tracking devices, which control keys on a screen to "type" or to move a mouse, deaf-blind communication telephones, and braille displays.  Some companies will work with Medicare or other insurance carriers to seek ways to fund these products.

Limitations don't necessarily need to be hindrances.  Explore ways to overcome or to lessen their impact by visiting the websites below.  The future is here!



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This website lists many programs to help persons get various devices that will allow them to do more tasks.  Many of the companies offering the devices work with Medicare, state agencies or private insurance to see whether funding is possible.



Virtual clinics using advanced camera and video technology bring together doctors and their medical staff with patients and their families in remote areas of Northern California.



Provides help for persons with several diseases or conditions, some of which include devices that enable the patient to communicate.



Eye-tracking software & hardware.



The Eyegaze Edge is a device that uses only the eyes to control keys on a screen in order to perform tasks such as email, moving a mouse, turning on lights, "speech" or typing.  A Funding Manager will work with Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance & other funding sources to facilitate the lease or sale of the Eyegaze Edge for persons with disabilities.



CforAT "provides access to computers for people with disabilities."  They are developing a lending library for iPads & iPod Touches for people with speech disablities as well.

"We do this so children with disabilities can succeed in school, adults with disabilities can find (and keep) jobs and all people with disabilities can use the internet, email and benefit from the digital revolution."



Speech devices funded by Medicare & private insurance for autism, stroke, cancer, ALS & others.  iPads, iPods, PocketPC, Windows & Mac versions; handheld, tablet or notebook models.


Communication aids & computer access for the disabled to improve their quality of life.



The largest manufacturer of assistive devices for persons with low vision or who are blind.  Products include lighted magnifying glasses, screen magnification, large print keyboards, braille displays, deaf-blind telephone communications & more.



"We create simple-to-use assistive technology products and educational programs that empower people with complex physical and cognitive disabilities."  Among those devices are computer & mobile device access, learning technology, low vision & speech products, mounting solutions, & more.



They provide devices to assist persons with disablities in the form of alternative computer access, communication & environmental control systems with the aim of enhancing their quality of life and increasing their independence.  They will guide you through the process of funding these products through Medicare or other insurance.



Manufacturer of hands-free or voice activated telephones.


Switches allow a person to activate devices around him or her.



Assistive technology helps severely disabled persons to do more on their own within their environment.






Assistive & adaptive devices for neurological diseases / conditions can be found at the websites below.  Explore VOICE FOR JOANIE for more information.



Non-Profit  -  Adaptive or Assistive Technology Sites

The Center for Accessible Technology  -  devices

The Illinois Assistive Technology Project  -  tuition, devices

Center for Assistive Technology  -  devices

Adaptive Technology Resource Center  -  vision technology, e-learning, more

Communication Independence for the Neurologically Impaired (CINI)  -  info on technology to help ALS patients

Ability Hub  -  help using & accessing computers



Commercial Devices:  Adaptive or Assistive Technology

AbleNet  - devices to help with low vision, learning, communication, switches, computer access

Zygo Industries  - devices to help persons with disabilities to work, learn or interact with family & friends




Gus Communications  -  speech devices & software, computer access

JAWS for Windows  - screen reader for the blind & more

Words Plus Inc.  -  communication aids & computer access



Eye Control

LC Technologies Inc.  -  eye tracking technology

Eye Tech Digital Systems  -  eye tracking hardware & software



Pointing Devices

Quad Joy  -  orally-controlled mouse for the computer



Adaptive or Assistive Technology

Local Eye Care  -  list of companies that provide devices to help those with vision, hearing or other impairments to work with a computer.

Able Phones  -  voice-activated & hands-free phones

Academic Software, Inc.  -  switches

Tobii ATI  -  communication devices

Bright Eye  -  affordable solutions for dyslexia, Special Education, learning disabilities, assistive technology & more

Nuance  -  accessibility, speech recognition

Magic Wand Keyboard  -  mini-keyboard with built-in mouse lets disabled persons access the computer

Augmentative Communication Consultants  -  voice recognition & amplifiers, autism resources, books & games, more

Assis-Tech  -  low vision & hearing aids, medical equipment, scooters, lifts, more

RehabTool  -  virtual on-screen keyboard, AAC, voice recognition, more

Origin Instruments  -  PageBot for Amazon Kindle, switch accessible e-reading



We all have the choice to sink or to swim.  Choose to swim!

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