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Furniture & Accessories for the Disabled


You will need to put your high tech devices where they can be easily reached & stored neatly out of the way when not in use.  Manufacturers have come up with innovative furniture and accessories for disabled persons, such as tables, desks, chairs & other pieces to make these devices accessible to the care recipient.  They also have products to improve mobility, increasing the activities in which the care recipient can participate.

The links below include items such as ramps & chair lifts, scooters & telephones to help disabled persons with other types of activities in addition to working with a computer.


DSC04294.JPG     DSC04294.JPG     DSC04294.JPG     DSC04294.JPG     DSC04294.JPG



Assisted Living Furniture & Items

(Furniture, Mobility, Learning, Switches, Software, Workstations...)



Desk / Table / Workstations









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