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This section contains links to resources, benefits, assistance programs and information available to you as a caregiver or care recipient through various organizations, including government agencies.  You can apply online to many programs within Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or for a health insurance policy.  If you are unsure about anything, you can call them to ask them for more benefits information or to guide you through your application online or on paper.  You will also get an overview of the procedure to follow when applying for some of these benefits, as well as what to expect.  Any forms you fill out should always contain clear concise facts.

Most of these websites provide caregiving resources in the form of additonal tips, suggestions, information, expert advice or agencies that help with the caring of individuals based on financial need.  It is well worth exploring these websites, as you may discover benefits that are available to you, assistance programs to help with getting and paying for medications, and guidance for practical and effective care.


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