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Assistance: Medications & Copays


This section contains links to assistance programs that can help pay for medications, necessary medical equipment, or copays.  This help comes in the form of manufacturer coupons available online, through your doctor, or by applying and qualifying for them.  Help is also available from organizations who will provide financial assistance when qualifying patients cannot afford their medications or copays.  Other organizations have discount cards to help lower your out-of-pocket expenses related to medications.  Some pharmaceutical manufacturers will supply free medications through your doctor, so do discuss this alternative with your healthcare professional to see if you are eligible.

Do explore the different websites, as they offer varying benefits.  Keep in mind that you usually need to apply & that many programs have eligibility requirements, often based on (low) income or on having no health insurance coverage.


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Looks for resources for medications & medical costs, but does not provide funds.

Our Mission: - to provide effective mediation and arbitration services to patients to remove obstacles to healthcare including medical debt crisis, insurance access issues and employment issues for patients with chronic, debilitating and life-threatening illnesses.

We assist patients with: Medical Debt Crisis, Insurance Access Issues & Job Retention Issues.



Prescription drug & co-pay programs are available to persons who need assistance paying for their medications.  Often, income plays a factor in determining whether you qualify for this aid.



Contains programs available to persons seeking assistance with medications from many pharmaceutical companies.  Many have eligibility requirements based on low income or lack of health insurance coverage.  This website also offers lots of programs for children, families & individuals with certain diseases, camps & scholarships for college education!  Visit their DISEASE-BASED PROGRAMS pages for even more assistance with costs related to a specific disease.      1-800-769-3880

Non-profit charitable organization that aims to provide affordable medications to individuals & families with low income.  Applicant must meet low-income requirement.


Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Organization that helps persons without a prescription drug plan to get the medications they need.


Together Rx Access        1-800-444-4106

A program created by leading pharmaceutical companies to help patients gain access to affordable prescription products at their local pharmacies.  Cardholders save 25-40% on brand name prescription products as well as many generics.  Applicants cannot be eligible for Medicare, must have no prescription drug coverage at all, & meet income requirements.  Visit their website for details & application.



Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Drug manufacturers have assistance programs for some of their products.  Listed alphabetically, you can look up your meds to see if any programs are offered for that particular drug.


Help with Medical and Drug Costs

You may qualify for some programs designed to save money on presctiption drugs & medical care.


CO-PAY ASSISTANCE       1-866-512-3861

Provides financial assistance to medically & financially qualified insured persons with certain conditions or diseases.       1(800) 675-8416

Assistance for insured persons who cannot afford their copayments, coinsurance & premiums for significant medical treatments.       1(877) 968-7233

A non-profit financial & medical assistance organization that helps people with chronic diseases, cancer or other major life-changing condition who cannot afford their medications.


Patient Access Network Foundation      1-866-316-7263

Assistance for persons with chronic or life-threatening diseases who are insured but find it difficult to meet copayments for their medications.  Eligibility is linked to low income and patient must be a US resident.


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society      1(914) 949-5213

Financial assistance toward drug copayments for persons diagnosed with a confirmed blood cancer diagnosis.  Medical & financial eligibility required.


Cancer Care: Financial Assistance for People with Cancer     1-800-813-HOPE (4673)

Copay assistance for patients with certain cancers, as well as financial assistance toward transportation, childcare, home care & medications.


Coupons for Meds or Copays

Manufacturer coupons online for prescription & generic drugs.



Save up to 75% with these free prescription discount cards:

Afford Rx 

Family Wize 

LifeSource Direct  

NACo Prescription Discount Card Program

Rx Relief Card 

The Prescription Discount Card

Your Rx Card



The websites below help you raise funds to cover medical costs of treatment, medications, etc.:

Standbuy   (for cancer only at this point)

Go Fund Me    

Give Forward    





We all have the choice to sink or to swim.  Choose to swim!

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