Medicaid: Health Coverage for Low-income, Elderly & Disabled Persons


From FAMILIES USA.ORG , which provides "resources on Medicaid laws and regulations..." and keeps you updated regarding improvements and maintenance of this program. 

Medicaid is a joint project between the Federal government and the states, aimed at providing health coverage to low-income individuals and families, the elderly and persons with disabilities.  Under Federal law, states are required to cover the following "mandatory" individuals:

  1. children  (some states cover until age 21 in certain cases, including teens on their own)
  2. pregnant women  (married or single)
  3. very low-income parents
  4. elderly
  5. disabled persons
  6. blind persons
  7. Supplemental Security Income recipients

Income affects eligibility for all groups, however, mostly linked to the poverty level in 2010 currently.

Federal law also requires a minimum benefit coverage under Medicaid to include:  physician, hospital, health center and nursing facility services, along with family planning.  States may also provide "optional" services to include: dental, vision, mental health, home health, rehabilitation, prescription drug coverage and case management. 


For a full list of benefits by state, please visit:






Medicaid Program - Overview


Links to programs and benefits information under Medicaid


Are you eligible for Medicaid? 

You can find out by clicking the link above.


In a nutshell, you should apply for Medicaid if you have low income and fit into one of the Eligibility Groups.  Because there are many restrictions in place, it can be unclear at first glance whether you or a family member qualifies for Medicaid.  Your best bet would be to apply and to let a qualified caseworker in your State review your situation and determine your eligibility.


Contact your State's Medicaid Office for instructions on how to apply.  Click on the link below to access links to their websites.

List of State Medicaid Program Websites [PDF, 159KB]





People with Medicare & Medicaid Center

Links & information about both Medicare & Medicaid, including eligibility, TRICARE, and more.


Medicare Eligibility Tool  - find out if you qualify for Medicare after answering some questions.



CARE IMPROVEMENT PLUS - provides specialized benefits and services for Medicare beneficiaries with conditions such as diabetes and/or heart failure.  Our plans for 2011 will continue to include additional offerings for those with full Medicaid or Low Income Subsidy (LIS).  We also have a plan for those with Medicare only.




Benefits & Programs Available to Low-Income Persons


BENEFITS CHECKUP.ORG lists government and private programs that help pay for prescription drugs, meals, utility bills, health care and other expenses.


BENEFITS.GOV  is the official benefits site of the U.S. government.  Answer questions to find out for what you qualify.





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